Listening is about interpretation.

Listening is not “What did he say?” but, “What does that person mean when he says that?” We listen with our eyes, as well as, our ears so be aware of signals others are giving by their body language and eye contact.

Communication is not talking.

It's not writing.

Communication is saying what your audience needs to hear in order to understand your message. It’s writing what your audience is willing to read in order to understand your message.

It's not enough to be good at what you do,

you have to be able to tell people about it.

It’s not enough to be a good researcher, a good association, a good farmer, a good computer professional. If you can’t share your ideas in a way in which your audience understands its value, you won’t get the attention, respect, financing, or teamwork you need-and deserve.

Would you listen to your presentations?

Or would you be checking your emails because the speaker is focused on his or herself (not you) and the Powerpoint is too small to read? Text-heavy slides diminish audience understanding and distract the audience from paying attention to you and your message. Is it time to rethink your presentations?


The 5 Step Strategy Our Clients Use To Win More Pitches And Close More Deals

Learn how to:

  • Capture any prospects attention in seconds without an Elevator Pitch.
  • Turn your team into superstar presenters that close every deal, every time!
  • Clone your best presenters and make everyone a top performer!
  • Replicate what the most profitable companies in the world are doing to land new accounts on a consistent basis.
  • Build a proven system where prospects and investors are knocking down the door to work with you.
  • to engage your audience, even if they're exhausted from sitting in meetings all day and don't want to listen.




January 24, 2017

Strategic Planning: What is the “Why?”

Imagine you’re planning a vacation.  What questions do you need to answer before going?  Where are we going? What should we pack? What resources will we need? What resources do we already have? Need to purchase? What will it cost? What’s our allocated budget? (Do the two match?!)  Who’s going? How long will it take to get […]

November 9, 2016

Post-election response

Our behavior after the recent election will say more about ourselves than anything else. I recently moved into a community of mean girls. Some of you will relate, so I won’t bore you with the details. Through it all, I continue to ask myself how I should respond. Do I behave as they do? Rude…hurtful…insulting…dismissive…offensive…mean. […]

July 9, 2015

‘Techies’ need to communicate, too

“Techies” often have the reputation of not being very friendly or acting as if they are better/smarter than you. “Two reputations that are not deserved,” insists Jodie Vesey, who works with us at Laurie Richards & Associates. “You could say that ‘techies’ are the most misunderstood people in business. If anything, this is miscommunication at […]



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